Parent Portal

What is Infinite Campus: Parent Portal?

The Infinite Campus Portal provides a direct communication from the school to the parents/guardians and also allows students to access their own information like grades, attendance, assignments, fees, etc.

Who can get a Parent Portal?

Anyone listed as the student’s guardians can get a parent portal. Guardians and parents are only allowed to see the students that are listed in their household. Students will only see their own individual information. Access to the Campus portal is determined by the school district.

If you already have your Username and Password, go to the Parent Portal

Campus Parent Portal Guide: Parent Portal Help Sheet- 2021

Password issues:
Contact: Marisela Nunez
Email: [email protected]
303-340-0121 Ext. 26258

Do all teachers post daily grades and attendance?

All teachers do enter their classes daily. The Infinite Campus Student Information System pulls the information automatically from the data entered in the teacher grade book. Grades and attendance are available for viewing as soon as a teacher enters the information in their grade book.

How often can we expect grades to be updated?

Please be patient as teachers do their best to return assignments and post grades as promptly as their schedule allows. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher via email if you have any questions.

How often can we expect attendance to be updated?

Teachers are asked to record their attendance for each class period as soon as possible. However, there are times when the attendance may not be entered until the end of the day.

Can you see multiple students that live in your household?

Yes. If you have more than one student living in your household, you will see all their names listed in the navigation bar.

Parent Portal App
Go to the App store and search for the Infinite Campus App.
Type the District: Aurora Public Schools and the State: CO.

Campus Parent

Infinite Campus

Once logged into Parent Portal you can select from the following options:

Calendar: Displays the building calendar for the current month, any attendance marks and upcoming assignments for your student(s)

Schedule: The Schedule link shows the students scheduled classes for each period and term. Users can email the teacher directly by clicking on the envelope icon within each period. User can also view the Grade Book Assignments (Secondary only) by clicking on the gradebook link within the period on the schedule.

Attendance: The attendance link displays attendance data that has been entered by the school. Users have the ability to scroll backwards and forwards to view a three month period. All entries are color coded to indicate Excused (green), Unexcused (red), Exempt (grey) or Unknown (yellow)

UAB—Unexcused Absences UXT—Unexcused Tardy EXT– Excused Tardy

A—Absence T-Tardy NRS-Nurse PAR – Parent excused ILL – Illness excused

Assessment: This will provide information on test scores from CSAP and District Level assessments that have been given.

Fees: The Fees link displays all fees for the current school year only for the student.

Note: Previous years Fees do not display on this screen. Please contact the Bookkeeper at your school for prior year Fees. Bookkeeper: Karen McLellan 303-326-2000 ext. 26220