Student Parking

Students may not loiter in parking lots anytime throughout the day. This includes sitting in parked cars during passing periods, lunch, off periods, and before or after school. Upon arriving at campus, students are to park their cars and enter the building. Upon returning to their car, students are to exit the parking lot in a safe and timely manner. 

All currently enrolled VPP students who have a valid Colorado driver’s license and have current valid insurance on the vehicle they will be driving must:

  • Register their car with the HERD

  • Pay the parking fee with the bookkeeper ($20/year or $5/quarter)

  • Display a current parking tag

  • Violators may receive school consequences, be ticketed, or possibly towed at the owner’s expense

The use of parking permits will be enforced beginning September 7, 2021 for the duration of the school year. Currently enrolled students who are eligible drivers must have their parking tag visible by this date. Currently enrolled students who become eligible during the school year, can obtain a parking permit at a prorated cost. 

Student Parking