Personal Technology Policy

In regards to language used in this policy, the phrase, “Personal Technology” includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, smart phones, smart watches, ipads, gaming devices, tablets, personal computers/chromebooks, headphones, and chargers.


Personal technology can be used as an excellent instructional tool. However, they can also be a distraction to students during the school day. It is important that you understand the rules to avoid consequences or the eventual loss of personal technology. Together, we can help make the learning day disturbance-free by limiting the use of these devices and/or accessories and following the VPP campus policy. 


During the school day, personal technology should be put away out of sight and turned off during all classes without express permission from the teacher during instructional time and/or instruction. Personal technology may only be used in the cafe during breakfast/lunch, in the hallways during a passing period, and during off periods. They should not be used to cause any disruption in the educational process or for unethical or illegal purposes. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:

  • cheating on assignments and/or tests.

  • harassing or bullying others. 

  • taking or distributing unauthorized photographs or recordings of other people. 

  • access any obscene, threatening or otherwise inappropriate material via any form of electronic communication. 

  • live streaming or social media posting during instructional time.

  • listening to music, texting, and/or playing games during instructional time.

  • attempting to circumvent Aurora Public Schools network security or for any unauthorized access to or inappropriate use of the APS computer network. 

Vista Peak Preparatory and its employees will not be responsible or liable for the theft, loss, data loss, damage, destruction, misuse or vandalism of any student’s personal electronics brought onto district/school property. 


If a student is found to be in violation of this policy, the personal technology will be confiscated by school personnel. 

1st Offense 

  • Phone Call to parent by teacher

  • Phone taken to the HERD

  • Teacher written referral

  • Student picks up the phone at the end of the day

2nd Offense - All steps listed for 1st Offense and:

  • Restorative with Dean

  • After-School Restoration 

3rd Offense - All steps listed for 2nd Offense and:

  • Personal Technology Restriction 

4th+ Offense - All steps listed for 3rd Offense and:

  • Parent, student, Dean, and Counselor meeting

  • In-school suspension

  • Student refusal to relinquish personal technology to school personal when in violation of this policy will result in:

    • Immediate removal from class

    • Restorative with Dean

    • Contact parent/guardian

    • Additional school-based consequences including, but not limited to:

      •  ASR, ISR, technology restriction, SSP, loss of privileges after-school (sporting events, homecoming, prom, etc)

Student Responsibilities

  • Read and know the school’s Personal Technology Policy.

  • Observe all course-specific expectations established by your teachers.

  • Only use personal technology in permitted spaces and during permitted times. 

  • Take responsibility for your actions.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Be precise about expectations for students on use of personal technology. 

    • This includes review the VPP Personal Technology Policy.

  • Communicate your course-specific expectations verbally and in writing. 

  • Clearly specify when and how students are allowed to use personal technology within during instructional time. 

  • Report violations of the Personal Technology Policy via a Referral for Support. 

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Read and know the school’s Personal Technology Policy.

  • Help your student(s) understand you value their education and expect your student(s) to comply with the school’s Personal Technology Policy.

  • Support the disciplinary actions if the Personal Technology Policy is violated.

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Make available to all students, teachers and parents a copy of the school’s Personal Technology Policy.

  • Facilitate ongoing conversations and reflection about the Personal Technology Policy.

  • Administer fair and consistent consequences for offenses of the Personal Technology Policy.

  • Maintain records of Personal Technology Policy offenses.