Student Attendance

According to state law, it is the obligation of parents to ensure that every child under their care and supervision receives adequate education and, of compulsory attendance age, attends school.

Good attendance is of paramount importance to academic performance and overall success of students.  Absences, whether excused or unexcused, are detrimental to the learning process. Regular attendance develops habits that are essential for success. It is the joint responsibility of students, parents/guardians and schools to ensure regular attendance.  Excessive student absences may be symptomatic of problems, which necessitate joint efforts of the school, student, home and community agencies.  

Students enrolled in the Aurora Public Schools are required to attend classes, unless excused for good reason, in accordance with the Colorado School Attendance Law (C.R.S. 22-33-101 and Article IX, Section 2 of the Colorado Constitution). Therefore, in cases of excessive absences, the district will utilize community agencies as well as Truancy court, in order to enforce regular attendance when student or parental/guardian responsibility has not been met.




School Notification to Home

Vista PEAK will notify parents of a student's unverified absence via a computerized phone message.  Parents will be notified on the same day as the absence. Due to program limitations, the message cannot identify the student by name or the period(s) the student was absent.  Parents are encouraged to call the attendance office to verify the student's name and the period(s) of absence. Occasionally, the attendance office staff will contact the parent to verify a reported absence.

Excused Absences

The following absences will be considered excused:

Unexcused Absences

Habitual Truancy

According to Colorado attendance law, students who are truant the equivalency of four (4) school days in any one month or ten school days during any school year are defined as "habitually truant."

Requests for Work

Students requiring work/assignments due to extended excused absences (three days or more) should initially contact an administrator to gain approval. It is the responsibility of the student to contact teachers to get work that will be missed. 

Make-Up Work During Absences

Any time a student misses a class for any reason whatsoever, that student will be expected to contact each teacher and complete the make-up work in order to receive credit for the work.  This includes field trips, school activities, suspensions, group sessions, truancies, and the like. Make-up work is required and students who have been absent from class must request make-up work from the teacher no later than the next class meeting. Teachers will determine a reasonable amount of time for make-up work when students are absent, using a two (2) days for every one (1) day absent guideline. Teachers may provide an "alternative" learning experience for make-up work to any student who requests it upon returning to class. 

Teachers will give academic credit to all make-up work that complies with the above guidelines.  The only exception is teachers have the choice whether or not to give academic credit to the make-up work from an unexcused absence.  If the absence was unexcused, the teacher should provide feedback but is not required to give credit for the work.

Absences due to School Activities

The absences for school activities will be recorded as a school activity. If participation at school-sponsored activities appears to interfere with the student’s performance in the classroom, the teacher and coach/sponsor will confer with the student.

When students are to be excused for school sponsored events, in or out of the building, it is the coach/sponsor’s responsibility to follow the procedures for field trips and submit to the attendance office in advance a list of participants for these functions. 

Excessive Absences

The automated attendance line will notify parents of any student's absences.  In order to simplify the policy, remember an ABSENCE IS AN ABSENCE.  Students who miss class and are excused or unexcused, for field trips, in-house suspensions, out of school suspensions, counselor visits, nurse visits or trips to the office are considered absent.  ALL ABSENCES ARE APPLICABLE TO THE RULES OF MAKE-UP WORK. 

For more information regarding student attendance, please refer to Aurora Public Schools policy JE and regulation JE-R at 


Students should arrive no earlier than 7:00 a.m. unless prior arrangements have been made with a staff member. 


A student’s activities, behavioral status, and tutoring/academic commitments will determine their dismissal time. 

Returning Late from Lunch

Students returning late from lunch will have school consequences. 

Medical Exemption

When a student has an extended absence due to a medical reason(s), the following steps need to be taken in order to receive the opportunity to make up credit for missed work.