Academic Policies and Procedures

Vista Peak Preparatory expects all students to conduct themselves with honor and to utilize ethical means in achieving academic success. Any act that violates the spirit of authorship or gives undue advantage is a violation. The VPP Academic Integrity Policy covers all school related tests, quizzes, reports, class assignments, presentations, and projects both in and out of class. Any violation will be documented in Infinite Campus to ensure appropriate implementation of interventions and/or consequences across all content areas. The purpose of VPP Academic Policy is to prepare students for the reality created by ease of access to technology, for the world of post-secondary readiness and beyond, where cheating and plagiarism have dire consequences. Although no list can be entirely comprehensive, the following definitions, categories, and examples may serve as a reference.

All parties concerned—students, parents, and administrators—are to understand that the teacher’s professional judgment will determine whether a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy has occurred.

Minor Offenses

Serious Offenses

Disciplinary Action for 1st  Minor Offense

Disciplinary Action for 1st  Serious Offense

Disciplinary Action for 2nd Minor Offense

Disciplinary Action for 2nd Serious Offense

Disciplinary Action for 3rd Minor Offense

Disciplinary Action for 3rd Serious Offense

If many students are involved, or the seriousness of the offense warrants an investigation, write a Referral for Support for each student involved with concrete evidence and details of the incident. 

Student Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Administrator Responsibilities