VPP Community Code of Ethics

Vista Peak Preparatory Community Ethics Pledge

Vista Peak Preparatory is a community of students, staff, administrators, parents/guardians and residents. We will ensure that we are providing the absolute best professional standard of care as a school community in order to increase opportunities for postsecondary success, as well as to improve the overall quality of life at and beyond Vista PEAK for all students. Understanding that this mission can be achieved only through the cooperative efforts of the whole, we all must foster an environment where integrity, honesty, and responsibility prevail. Let us, then, pledge to do what is right and good because we respect others and ourselves.

Vista Peak Preparatory Bison have the right to:

  1. Freedom of Expression

    • Freedom of Speech: All students are free to express their own points of view and are protected from those who would inhibit that expression. However, freedom of speech is a right that carries with it certain responsibilities and its exercise is subject to certain limitations as to time, manner and place. Vista Peak Preparatory may limit speech that causes disorder or disruption within the school. Speech can take many forms including verbal, through demonstration, or through social media applications.

    • Freedom of the Press: Vista Peak Preparatory has a proud tradition of publications and performances which have provided a legitimate forum for student opinions and views. Our school supports an atmosphere where it is possible for students and faculty members to exercise their First Amendment rights in a responsible manner. Administration will continue to appoint highly qualified faculty and the students will continue to uphold the highest standards of freedom of expression avoiding libel, slander and that which would substantially interfere with the work of the school or impinge on the rights of other students.

    • Freedom of Assembly: Associations may be organized within the school for political, social, athletic or other proper and lawful purposes, subject to reasonable limitations as to time, manner and place of assembly and under the guidance of a faculty member with approval from Vista Peak Preparatory administration.

    • Freedom of Petition: Students are free to collect signatures on petitions concerning either in-school or out-of-school issues as long as this activity does not interfere with the regular operation of the school.

    • Freedom of Religion: Vista Peak Preparatory shall not interfere with or infringe upon the religious freedom of its students. The study of religion or of the Bible from a literary or historical point of view is permitted but must be presented objectively

  2. Participate in a school that is physically safe from internal and external threats

    • Vista Peak Preparatory community members are responsible for respecting school property and ensuring safe conditions are maintained within the school.

    • Students are encouraged to utilize Safe2Tell when concerned about a potential threat to individual (student or staff) or overall school safety.

    • Students need to be informed of all school policies and procedures and the potential consequences for failing to meet the stated expectations laid out within this document and the APS Safe Schools Policies and Regulations.

    • Vista Peak Preparatory community members must use school grounds and materials appropriately at all times and at school related/sponsored events and activities.

  3. Learn in an environment free of harassment, intimidation, and bullying from peers and adults

    • Bullying is defined as a continuous pattern of targeted behavior meant to harm a students physical, social, and/or mental well being.

      1. Bullying can be through direct face to face interactions as well as through social media applications.

    • Vista Peak Preparatory community members are responsible for reporting any harassment, bullying or intimidation of others to appropriate school personnel or through the Safe2Tell system.

  4. Be respected by the staff and peers and give respect to others and yourself.

    • Vista Peak Preparatory staff and peers will model professionalism and citizenship throughout daily interactions.

    • Vista Peak Preparatory prohibits the use of profanity, racial and ethnic slurs, as well as other inflammatory language that is offensive to students and staff.

    • Vista Peak Preparatory community members should respect the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of others that might be different from their own.

      1. Seek understanding through conversation and accept that differences within each other is what makes us all Bison. No one Herd member is the same.

    • Students are responsible for demonstrating respect for themselves through personal hygiene, dress, and behavior.

  5. Expand their experiences and opportunities through a challenging program of academic and extracurricular activities

    • Staff are responsible for creating a safe environment, conducive to teaching and learning, where teacher and student engagement is optimal.

    • Students shall be responsible to accept the challenges of their classroom work and give their best efforts to complete assignments in a timely and meaningful manner under the guidance of the classroom teacher.

    • Students shall have the responsibility to offer their opinions and participate in their education.

    • Staff are responsible for developing and implementing efficient, routine operations, and procedures that are implemented with fidelity and communicated to students and families in a manner that is easily understood.

    • Students have the responsibility to speak-up for themselves and be their own advocate in the classroom.