VP Preparatory Frequently Asked Questions

What is P-20 education?

P-20 education is a solid commitment to 21st century learning and skills that starts in preschool and continues beyond high school. In addition to preparing for success in college, students have the chance to earn college credit and even degrees while they are still in high school. It is a nontraditional approach to education that prepares students for entry into colleges, universities, careers and overall success in life. The Vista PEAK Campus is a combination of the educational philosophy of the district's strategic plan, VISTA 2015, the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids (Senate Bill 212), the Governors P-20 Council and the Colorado Department of Educations strategic plan, Forward Thinking.

What is the Vista PEAK P-20 campus philosophy?

The Vista PEAK Campus Leadership Team believes: "Education must be real-world and relevant, innovative and connected; where staff and students thrive with choice and responsibility; to cultivate creativity and invention."

Why is P-20 education important?

P-20 education will ensure that our students are prepared for increasing globalization and shifting workforce demands, rapidly changing and advancing technology, an increasing need for creativity, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving in all work fields. work that requires ongoing education because they are likely to change jobs, and even careers, many times in their lifetimes, and learning that takes place beyond the classroom through Internet and other types of media that changes how students relate to the world

What is offered in levels 13-20?

Our vision is to create a seamless educational system and comprehensive design with college entrance requirements in mind. We will be supporting all students to engage in concurrent enrollment programs on-site which could allow them to earn both a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree. Our long term goal is to provide access to adjunct faculty and higher education professors who can teach college level courses to provide access to higher level degrees.

How do offerings at Vista PEAK compare to other APS schools?

Core offerings: What is the same?

Use of APS pacing guides and alignments, use of research-based adopted curricular resources and instructional models, standards-based including 21st century skills / instructional technology, the APS vision to prepare all students for college or the workforce without remediation, Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP), Response to Intervention (RtI), Positive Behavior Support (PBS), programs to support exceptional students such as English language learners, gifted and talented, special needs, etc., job embedded professional learning, inquiry based for all content areas,before and after school care, comprehensive school services such as counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurse, etc., athletics / activities

Core offerings: What is different?

Multiple academic and career pathways offer specific curriculum and resources that will enhance the existing curriculum and prepare students for post-secondary and the workforce, the campus will effectively integrate content as appropriate to extend and expand learning experiences, the use of instructional technologies that will allow for extended learning opportunities beyond the traditional school day, there will be a variety of instructional methods and spaces to support core offerings (e.g. seminars, small groups, hands-on laboratories, challenge-based learning, virtual instruction), the curricular and pathway design will be based on students interests and strengths, and all students will develop and maintain digital portfolios that will include personal and academic samples.

What technology will be available on the campus?

The campus will be a 21st Century model for integration of technological tools and resources. When you come to the campus we hope you don't just see the technologies we utilize, but rather how the technology tools are being used to foster rich instruction and learning. Classrooms will include a variety of tools such as Promethean Boards, visualizers, laptops, robust wireless access, iPads, virtual tools, web 2.0 tools, web cams, video teleconferencing, networking tools and a plan to integrate new technologies.

What educational or career pathways will be offered at Vista PEAK?

The campus will be developing the following four pathways: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), Health Sciences, Business Administration, Art and Design. All students will have the opportunity to participate based on goals within their Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).

Can a student decide not to pursue a pathway?

Absolutely. Based on goals within their Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) students may select a Liberal Arts Path that prepares students for post-secondary opportunities and the workforce while not forcing students to choose a pathway if they are not ready to specialize their learning experiences. They will still have access to multiple experiences supporting their journey in discovering what path is best suited for a particular student.

Can students change pathways?

Yes. Our goal is to expose students to a variety of academic and career opportunities in order to make informed choices. Ultimately all students will be Post-secondary and Workforce Ready (PWR).

What opportunities will be available for college credit or career opportunities?

Multiple. Each pathway will have courses towards college credit, Associates of Arts (AA) degrees and industry credentials. We will also have adjunct faculty on campus that will be qualified to offer concurrent enrollment opportunities for high school students.

What are industry credentials and how will they help my student?

Industry credentials are records that show potential employers a students understanding or mastery of a specific program or process (i.e. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)) to provide them with continuous education and employability credentials in order to place them in high-demand and high-opportunity jobs.

What extracurricular opportunities will be available to Vista PEAK campus students?

Before and after school opportunities will be based on students career and personal interests and may include fitness and wellness, technology, dance, internships, job visitation/shadowing, career fairs, guest speakers etc. The sports offered will be personalized to meet the interests of our student body and may include many of the following: track, cross country, golf, swimming, volleyball, tennis, football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, wrestling, intramural sports, etc.

What opportunities will be offered for parental involvement?

Vista PEAK will encourage and support parental involvement in a variety of venues, including an active PTSA.

How will student involvement be fostered on the campus?

The campus offers a unique opportunity in the range of grade levels and will enable multiple opportunities for students to be involved in their educational experience.

How are students going to transition onto the campus?

Developing the campus culture and collaborating with feeder schools will be an ongoing priority and process.

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