APS Admissions Process

Enrollment in Aurora Public Schools is a simple two-step process:

Step 1: Visit the APS centralized admissions office to complete all admissions forms and verify your address. You may register all of your school-aged children into the school district at one time. Please bring all required documents to the centralized admissions office. No appointment is necessary. Families who have changed their address and currently have a student enrolled in Aurora Public Schools will need to verify their new address by providing the required document for proof of residency and fill out a short Student Demographic Change Form.

Step 2: Parents and students visit the neighborhood or assigned school to enroll and obtain class assignments, schedules and other information unique to each school.

ATTENTION: July and August are the busiest months for Aurora Public Schools Centralized Admissions due to parents enrolling students for the new school year. Our staff members work hard to meet the high demand, but the wait times for service may be several hours. Because the wait may be long and because seating and standing room is limited at our Centralized Admissions site, we strongly recommend that parents do not bring children with them. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!




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