Below is information about the Community College of Aurora for Vista PEAK students:

 To enroll in a CCA class for concurrent enrollment credit at Vista PEAK and/or on the CCA campus, a student must apply to the college and receive an S#.  This step needs to be completed only once and before the Accuplacer can be taken.

Steps to Register For 1st Time CCA Classes at CCA

  1.  Go to  Click on “apply and register” under the quick links.
  2. Complete steps 1 and 2. ***
  3. You will then be assigned a unique S#.  Please keep this number in a safe place.  It is your student identification number for college.
  4. Print two copies of the confirmation page.  You keep one in safe place for future reference and bring the second one to your Accuplacer testing.
  5. Click on the link for step 5.  The bottom of that link provides study guides and workshop dates.
  6. Make plans to take the Accuplacer.  Check the bulletin board outside of the counseling office for specific dates and times.  Please write your name on the sign-up sheet.

***All DACA and undocumented students, please see your counselor before registering for COF.

If you have further questions, email or visit with your counselor.


  1)  Why is it necessary to register for the College Opportunity Fund (COF)?        
The state of Colorado discounts the price of college courses by $62 per credit hour.  This stipend will only be paid for students who have registered for COF.  APS will pay for the cost of tuition, minus the stipend.  If a student is not registered for COF, the student is responsible for the amount of the stipend.
   2) Why am I receiving a bill for CCA if the district is paying for the course(s)?
CCA is part of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) where student bills are generated.  Since CCA does not produce and mail the invoices, it is difficult for CCCS to know which students are high school students or college students.  There is a statement at the bottom of the bill that states to disregard the bill if a third party is responsible for this bill.  The third party in this case is Aurora Public Schools.  The benefit of receiving this invoice is double.  First, the student is again confirmed that they are enrolled in a CE class, and secondly, it allows students and parents to see how much money they are saving!  If you have not registered for the COF, you are responsible for that amount.
 3)   I don’t want to provide my social security number to CCA.  Is this required?
All colleges in Colorado require you to provide your social security number on college applications, if you have one.  You cannot take a concurrent enrollment class at VPH or at CCA if your application is not complete.
   4) What if I don’t have a social security number?
See your counselor for an alternate form for the CCA application and for COF.  Not having a social security number will not preclude you from this opportunity. 

All students who meet the course prerequisites are eligible for college credit once the required paperwork is complete.

Why am I receiving a bill from CCA for Concurrent Enrollment classes?

Community College of Aurora is part of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) where student bills are generated. Since CCA does not produce and mail the invoices, it is difficult know exactly when CCCS is going to send the bills or if they are sending them for the Concurrent Enrollment students. Most likely you will continue to receive bills from CCA as long as you have a student taking college courses either at Vista PEAK or at CCA. For the most part the bills can be ignored and are not the responsibility of the student because the school district has agreed to pay for this tuition. Students are responsible for signing up for the College Opportunity Fund (COF).  If a student does not, parents will be responsible for this portion.