Trespass Notice: A student who has not be successful on Structured Day will be placed on Trespass Notice. This provides further expectations of the student while on campus and other district properties. A citation from APD may be issued in accordance with Aurora City Ordinance 94-71. 

No Contact Agreement: Students who are not able to work out their differences and/or need to keep their distance from one another are part of this agreement. Expectations and possible consequences are outlined

Structured Day: When a Student is on campus but struggles with attending class and/or arriving on time, Structured Day may be used as an intervention. A student placed on Structured Day will need to take the sheet to each class and have the teacher sign off indicating the student was in class that day. This form is turned in every day to the HERD and a new sheet is picked up. At the end of the 2 week, the Dean will meet again with the student to evaluate attendance and plan next steps. 

School Wide Behavior Expectations for All Students