The House of Empowerment, Restoration, and Development 

The Vista Peak Prep community is committed to empowering students to be leaders within the school and community by equipping them with the skills to:

  • Use Restorative Practice methods. 

  • Identify personal needs. 

  • Navigate emotions and thoughts. 

  • Make connections to their impact on others through accepting responsibility. 

Who is There?


  • All Deans-9th grade

  • Mr. Becker-10th grade

  • Ms. Jackson-11th grade

  • Ms. Otis-Sanders-12th grade

HERD Clerk

  • Mr. Canales

Campus Monitors

  • Mr. Gordon

  • Mr. Cotton

  • Mr. Jones

  • Mr. Maez

SROs (School Resource Officers)

  • Officer Labarrie

  • Officer Gonzalez