Intensives 2018

Who:  All Students.  Students signed up for their course on February 21st and will be notified of their course on March 14th.  (All normally scheduled classes at VP will stop for one week (April 2nd-6th) so students can engage in an Intensive course.

What/Why:  The purpose of Intensives is to provide opportunities for students to connect with post-secondary and real-world experiences.  Students will build on content knowledge in order to enhance themselves and/or the community.  Students will be given the opportunity to solve real-world problems, build on skills in relation to goals, and make connections with others.

When:  April 2nd-April 6th (School day will be from 9:30-3:15).  

Transportation: Click here to see bus departure times

Where:  Freshman offerings will be offered off campus.  Students will arrive at Vista PEAK and then board buses to go on college/career visits or a week-long course at Pickens Technical College.  Sophomores and Juniors will have a half-day choice session and the other half of the day will be finalizing preparation for PSAT/SAT.  All offerings will be at VP.  Seniors will have a week-long choice session.  More information on all the sessions below.

Parent Letter:


  1. Have to pass Intensive to receive 2nd semester Advisory Credit.  Any unexcused absence will result in a failing grade for Intensives.  Work will need to be made up for any excused absence.
  2. These are counted as school days, so any absences will be calculated in your daily attendance rate (which could negatively impact extracurricular activities).

Registration Forms:

Intensives - Day 1

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Intensives - Day 2






Intensives - Day 3

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