VPP is working hard to ensure all students are prepared for success on the SAT.  We are piloting the use of KHAN academy which empowers students to link their PSAT/SAT scores from college board to Khan academy.  This link then creates a personal practice plan for each student to increase their success on this important exam.  Our goal is to gain 100 points on our overall composite and exceed the state average.  9th – 11th grade students will be invited to link their accounts during academic advisory and we wanted to make sure parents/guardians knew about this tool.  The research shows that students who engaged in 20-22 hours of practice to increase their scores by an average of 115 points.  If there is one thing you do to support your student this year it would be to expect them to engage in weekly practice in Khan academy totaling 20 hours.  Here is the help sheet that shows you how to link/create your students account.