Marla Lee

¡Hola! Bounjour, Ciao Ciao, Kaixo!!

Marla Lee (aka. "Profe"), 2nd year Spanish teacher at VPP absolutely loves world languages! Her Masters degree is in Spanish Literature, obtained from Loyola University Chicago where she taught Spanish for several years while simultaneously studying Latin & Italian, though French is her 3rd best-known language. She has traveled extensively and lived in the Basque Country and hopes to not only share her love of travel, but to also embark on a journey to Spain with VP students!

Yoga, camping, playing field hockey, hiking, canoeing, reading, hot springing, singing and dancing are her other interests. Experiencing the beauty of nature in the way that Robert Frost, Emilia Pardo Bazán and Vicente Aleixandre describe it is what brought her to Colorado and is precisely why she'll stay. 

Profe Lee is delighted to be at VP, honing her craft as a Spanish educator and sharing her passion for dance as coach of the Poms Team.