Joshua Hagler


Welcome. I have always had great passion for the interactions between peoples throughout history, as well as in the present. When individuals comprehend the way forces of society act upon us, we are better able to empathize with and understand others leading to more advantageous relationships. As a Social Studies teacher I am excited to bring my background experiences into the classroom and interact with the students’ worldviews to better understand our diverse community.

I am originally from Michigan but got my undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then taught English in Japan and Thailand before returning to earn my teaching certification from Michigan State University. I am a constant reader of politics, current events, and history and have traveled to numerous countries in Europe and Asia, taken a number of trips to Canada and Mexico, as well as toured great swaths of the US on family car trips while young. Along with teaching, I look forward to exploring more of the beauty Colorado and the West have to offer.

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