Traci Radil-Morey

Hi, I am Traci Morey, and I am excited to teach physics this year at Vista Peak Prep! I grew up in Nebraska (go Big Red!) and attended Kansas State University (go Cats!).

My career in education started when I worked at a residential facility. I really enjoyed interacting with the kids, but missed one of my first passions - science.  I decided the best way to bring these two passions together was to become a science teacher, and enrolled in the teacher ed program at the University of Denver. My first teaching position was at the same residential facility where I was inspired to go into teaching. Since then, I have taught in an alternative high school, middle school, suburban high school, and even a small rural school in west Texas.

Being involved with these different kinds of schools allowed me to teach a variety of science subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, geology, genetics, zoology, and a few others.

I have a wonderful husband and amazing son. He kept me busy this summer with lacrosse, baseball, swimming and STEM camp. We even managed to squeeze in a few Rockies games. (Even though my husband makes sure we also cheer for the Red Sox.)

I am really looking forward to my first year at Vista Peak and know it will be outstanding!