Sarah Palaich

PalaichHi all, I’m Dr. Sarah Palaich Heffern, a native Coloradan and science education enthusiast. From my early days helping out Science Discovery at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I’ve always had a passion for introducing science to all types of people. I am passionate about science literacy and I believe that everyone can learn and everyone can think scientifically. I want my students to be critical thinkers and I want them to be unafraid of science, no matter their skills in math or their natural abilities.

Although I hold a PhD in Geochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BA in Physics and Astronomy from Vassar College, I am passionate about many different subjects. I took a year long Shakespeare class in college and initially wanted to be a creative writing major. I am also an avid figure skater, with a ten year career in figure skating coaching. I also went to collegiate nationals while in graduate school at UCLA. One of my goals is to bring the arts into the science classroom and to encourage students to explore science and engineering from an artistic perspective.

Outside the classroom, I’m most likely in an ice rink coaching or skating. Otherwise, I’m relaxing and enjoying the Colorado life with my husband Rob, a Bioengineer at CU Anschutz, and our cat, Cymbal.