Sean Bakersky


I’m Sean Bakersky (pronounced Buh-ker-skee), and I couldn’t be happier to be in my second year at Vista PEAK. My wife and I are both English teachers, and we enjoy discussing the poetry of Walt Whitman while playing with our son, Peter, who was born on Valentine’s Day last year. I am a huge literature nerd, going so far as to name my dog after my favorite Shakespearean play, King Lear (we call him King. He only gets the full name if he’s in trouble). I played Rugby and Football in college, and I am a little obsessed with the Broncos. My family and I try to get outside as much as possible, especially on the western slope where my wife is from. I love being a teacher, and I love being here at Vista PEAK.

Sean P. Bakersky
Vista PEAK Preparatory
9th/10th English
Yearbook Adviser

“My purpose is to make my soul rhyme with my mind” –Saul Williams The Tao of Now