Amber Swain

swainHi, My name is Amber Swain. I was born in Honolulu, HI and moved with my family to Colorado at the age of seven. I went to high school at Highlands Ranch High School and then graduated and went to college in Utah. I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in so I took a number of classes to figure out my interests. I ended up falling in love with literature and became an English major. I moved back to Colorado after graduation and started a teacher education program at CU Denver. I did my first two internships at different schools but I wasn't completely sold on the idea of being a teacher yet. I applied to a Master's program in English Literature at CU Boulder and ended up getting in.

I left the teacher education program to pursue my Master's degree with the idea that I wanted to be a college professor. During my time at CU I had the opportunity to teach a few undergraduate literature courses and that's when I fell in love with teaching. I loved seeing the light go on in my student's heads when they finally understood something they hadn't before. It renewed my passion for teaching and I decided to return to my teacher education program. I graduated with both my Master's degree and my teaching license in May of 2011 and then got married in June of 2011 (let's just say it was a very stressful sememster). I was offered my job at Vista PEAK while on my honeymoon and I came back to an exciting job awaiting me.

So far I have loved every minute of my job here at Vista PEAK. I think that the values and goals of this school really align with mine. I love the focus on culture and diversity that the staff upholds particularly in Bison Hour where I was able to share parts of my Hawaiian culture with the students. I think our students are amazing and I hope that they realize how lucky they are to be receiving such a well rounded education here at Vista PEAK.