**Calling All Bison**

Hey Bison,

One of your very own needs your support!

Fellow Bison, Ty Smith has entered his video 'Terms and Conditions' for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 to help fund his Film School tuition next year and all he needs is your vote for the best video! Below are 3 easy steps to vote! 

1. Click the link below and register in the upper right corner of the site (in order for your vote to count, you must create an account. It literally takes two minutes! We know because we did it!)

2. After registering, click the below link again, watch the video to the end (This Validates Your Vote) then rate the video 5 stars and leave a comment for Ty!

3. Finally, share with your friends/family on social media to encourage more voting!

He has until April 25th to get as many votes as possible! Will you help us help Ty!? Click this link to vote for Ty's video --> bit.ly/tysvideo


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