Math Olympiads!

The Math Olympiad at Univ. of Colorado, Colorado Springs was a rousing success. Vista PEAK had 11 students participate in the 4 hour long competition, then they explored the University, played soccer with college students, and visited the Garden of the Gods. All in all, a great day! The students who participated were as follows:

Jeremiah Blackwood
Caleb Cooper
Cole Dorman
Sierra Gallegos
Lydia Jameson
Miguel Juarez
Donovan Modisett-Staats
Noah Nichols
Luis Parra
Karina Sanders
Kylie Tandy

If you would like more info, you can click this link

Also, these pictures and more can be seen at

IMG_8352IMG_8333 IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8349

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